Custom Design Home

About Custom Design Home

ADL Building Design and Drafting have over 20 years of experience as custom home design and build contractors, providing the complete service. Since inception our specialist team have a common purpose, coupled with an open innovative culture, with benefits far beyond traditional procurement to achieve your dream customised home.

Our passionate team will help you through the planning and build stages. We work with your own architects, surveyors, and designers, or can recommend professionals we’ve worked with before.

We specialise in structurally challenging projects and we partner with off-site construction companies and specialised architects and designers, to build with a low impact on the environment and the existing built areas. We take the dream from our customers and makes it a reality. Producing something that people love to see when they enter their house is something we do every single day.


Feel free to contact us at ADL BUILDING DESIGN AND DRAFTING to see how we can help you with your new Project . We will be in touch to obtain more detail and provide you with a full Competitive quote.

Customer satisfaction is our main driving force.